Lara del rey

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Me walking into school

Me at work

Me when I’m pretending to be a 9 year old girl when I’m actually 33 so that you would adopt me so I could sleep with your husband and murder your children.

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taylor is like a total ass and a dickhead lol


magcon boys are so ugly idk what you see in them lol


shawn can’t even sing idk why he is getting any attention lol


jack and jack should stop while they are at it lol


nash is the cutest because of his blue eyes lol lmfao


make me a sandwich lol


dillon is so ugly i can’t 


magcon is gay


but I ship CASH lol all day everyday


omg jack and jack cursed in thier song


what I found in my drafts

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Ultraviolence controversy

Lana del Rey is not glorifying anything with the song ultravolence.

in abusive relationships the abused or the neglected one craves for any sort of attention from the abuser, whether that’s good or bad attention. Whether it’s putting them down or even hitting them they crave that attention and when she says “he hit me and it felt like true love” because that’s what they think it is because THEY LOVE THEM. they think anything they do is right and it’s affection which is what those indviduals crave they live the attention no matter what

So she’s not glorifying anything